Arak Road Restaurant

Location: Arak, Iran

Type: Renovation, Commercial

Project Year: 2018

Principal Architects: Behrouz Shahbazi in collaboration with Reza Eslami

Architects & Phase 2 Team: Ali Razzazi, Kimia Valiani, Ahmad Mousavian, Masih MoshgForoush

Presentation: Amirhossein Zarei

The project is actually Renovation of an old and outdated restaurant in the Arak-malayer Highway. the building’s location has made it’s main users, passengers, not pedestrians. Such spaces are reminiscent of the restaurants on the old Qom-Tehran highway (large signs with white, green, and red fluorecent lamps).

Therefore, project’s perception must be defined based on car passengers which is percepted from inside the car in only a few seconds.  So we are facing with a project that needs to express itself in a united, unified, clear and powerful way.

The limited amount of time to percept the project and the necessity for the building to be transparent (due to it’s use) made the interior and exterior (interiors and facades) to be considered as a unified whole and “One thing”.

There were four columns in the middle of the main area affecting the integrity of the space, and the location of the project (A road restaurant for passengers to rest), propelled the idea into an eivan with four trees in the middle. Trees that resemble a passenger sitting under a tree shade or a columned eivan.

On the other hand, The columns locations defined 10 vaults, that somehow determine the arrangement of the furniture. Fractal geometries, such as those seen on the interior dome skin of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, have the ability to organize centers (columns and vaults) that creates an integrated Space. Thus, the ceiling geometry is an abstraction of the pattern of tree branches, which has a third dimension at the location of the columns which forms the project’s panel by infecting to the exterior facade.

Project’s current building has two saloons wich are located in ground floor & basement floor,also three split-levels including serving food place,kitchen,storage rooms & the bathrooms in the northern requested by the employer,ground floor saloon and the first split-level assigned to restaurant reception & the basement assigned to a ceremony hall.

This project was made using 1:1 scale maps that was first mounted on the existing ceiling and then the Ceiling Pattern was implemented. The main structure of the volumes was made on the floor using metal profiles and expanded metal and then mounted on the ceiling chassis. Finishing layer of the Volumes is a thin layer of gypsum and paint.